Algebra 1 Honors Final Exam Resources
On this page you can find resources that will help you be successful on the Algebra 1 Honors Final Exam in June 2014.

1. Final Exam Dates:

Friday June 13 Periods 1 and 2
Monday June 16 Periods 3 and 4
Tuesday June 17 Periods 5 and 6
Wednesday June 18 Period 7 and Makeup

2. Cheat Sheet - You are allowed to fill in a standard 3 X 5 card front and back with anything you want and you can bring this card to help you on the final exam.

3. Final Exam Resources - if you misplaced them you can find them here, print them out and complete them.

Final Exam Review MANGO 2013
Final Exam Scavenger Hunt - Four Functions 2013
FinalExam_alg1CP_stations_wHelp 2013
Final Exam Review 2012-2013 ANSWERS